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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blame the IT Guy!

I received an email today from a manager at a remote site. Reading back through the thread, I found the complaint that started the thread. The email starts with a complaint that getting to some files isn't quick or easy. They proceed to mention that getting the file is apparently just administration time, not valuable engineer time, and this is something that "MIS has to resolve". He goes on to say "We need to push MIS in the direction that will make us progress globally".  I have not received a request for assistance, and rather resent the implication.  The reply I would like to send follows....
The IT department, like every other group, is under staffed and does not have unlimited budget. To say that this is an issue for “MIS to resolve”, in my opinion, is the process owner avoiding responsibility.  IT provides tools, capability, and expertise to assist people with solving problems and optimizing process. We have already presented what is within our ability to provide given the available technologies, and budget. It is now up to the business to decide if that will help the defined process, and if it does not, then the process should be evaluated and possibly adjusted to minimize waste.  If there is something that can be done from a technology perspective to improve the process, then ask for assistance with solving the problem.  Please do not tell us that we must solve it for you!