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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paying it back

My last entry mentioned the teachings of Grandma. Following are the results of my experiment in paying it back. The tools of the experiment were a $100 American Express gift card, and a $25 dollar restaurant gift card. As I mentioned in the last post, I don't get out much and didn't know who really needed a break. To get around this little obstacle I enlisted the help of a church going person who knew of a family. Here is an email telling what happened.

The family that was helped:   Dad is a tradesman who has had very little work in the past couple of years.  He volunteers w/ the kids, coaches sports, helps w/ his son’s wrestling, and supports community events.  His wife works part-time babysitting and volunteers in the nursery at church.  They have three grade school kids – a daughter (10 yrs) and two sons. (I’m not sure of their ages, I think one boy is in High School?? and the other is younger than the daughter.

I called *Jill (names changed for privacy) and told her that I had a project I really needed her help on…. I picked her up from her son’s wrestling match and filled her in on the mission – Christmas Shopping for her and her family w/ the $100 gift card.  She was OVERWHELMED!!  J  At first she had no idea what to even think of getting, but I took her to the mall to go for a walk and soon she had all kinds of ideas…. Things that she knew the kids would love or had asked for…  We went to several stores and got a shirt for her daughter and one for her older son.  They are both old enough that ‘fashion’ is a big deal and she said they would like new stuff more than anything else.  The youngest son got a new game for the Wii game system.   For her husband, we decided that rechargeable batteries for the Wii would make him very happy.

When we finished shopping, she still had $20. On the gift card and the dining gift card to take home for her and her husband.  She was so very happy and excited about being able to surprise the family with these Christmas gifts and said to let you know that she appreciated it very much.  (I just told her that a ‘friend’ had given me the gift card w/ a challenge to help  someone).

I should find out where she was at. Something for 3 kids, and still had $20 left? That's impressive shopping! I know that in the scheme of things, this isn't going to make or break anyone. What I do hope is that this shows there is still some good in the world, and if we all do what we can it will be a better place. It warms me to know that I brought some joy to a family, and I do hope they have a happy holiday season.