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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Android Alerts

Sadly the world isn't a safe place. I plan to update this page with new vulnerabilities as I learn about them. 

 March 1st 2011 - SANS.ORG

 --Modified Android App Sends Surreptitious Text Messages to Premium Numbers (February 28, 2011) Hackers have modified an app for the Android phone operating system to include a Trojan horse backdoor function.  The tweaked app, called Steamy Window, has been made available through third-party app stores.
It has the capability to install other applications, tinker with the device browser's bookmarks, surf to websites and send text messages without user interaction.  The text messages are sent to premium rate numbers, for which those behind the malware receive commissions.  The modified app also blocks alerts telling phone users that they've exceeded their quota of texts.