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Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm drowning in notification emails from Google+ communities!

Okay, I'm not the one drowning in notification hell it's actually my significant other. I shut off all notifications from communities. The problem exists because if you elect to get notifications when someone adds a community post, you will also automatically get an email. This leaves the G+ user with the option of disabling notifications which will stop the icon from showing that feedback has been provided on a community post, or enable it and get a VERY LARGE VOLUME of Email for those with active communities. My significant other was in this situation, and this is what we did to deal with the deluge.

Sign in to your GMail account. In the upper right corner you will see a gear drop-down link.

Press the gear, then select "Settings"

Across the Top of the main frame, you will see links for General,Labels, Inbox, Accounts, Filters, Forwarding and POP/IMAP, etc.

Select the Filters link, then press "Create New Filter"

Fill in the From field with "" as shown then click on the Create link.
Please use care with this technique. In the background, you will see all of the current email which will be caught by this filter. In our case, we opted to delete the email, but that removes all emails from Google+ including things like updates to events. You may opt to Apply a label which will allow you to sort the mail more easily and manually manage the mail. In this example, we have told the filter to skip the inbox, and archive the email then delete it. The filters can be powerful and also dangerous. Think hard before enabling the forwarding feature. That one can be very unforgiving.

Once you have created a filter, you have the option of exporting the filter as an XML file. If you are still experimenting this would be a good way to back up your filters.

I hope you find this helpful.